Round #2

Name of Plant: Basel or Parsley?
First Aid: lots of sun, for now.

Name of Plant: Sage
First Aid: Not sure. It’s taking its sweet-arsed, time. (Not thyme.) More sun? Lots of water? Less? Even lesser?

Name of Plant: RADISHES!!!! (my fave garden plant. they are so cute.)
First Aid: none for now, but I never know the best time to pick these little rascals.

Name of Plant: (clearance plant) No idea!
First Aid: seems to be liking it’s new home.

Name of Plant: Hydrangea (yet to see what color it wants to be)
First Aid: This is the one plant that seems to be really, really happy with life. It was a clearance plant and has just flourished since it has moved in. LOOK at all the new LEAVES!!

One thought on “Round #2”

  1. photo 1…Basil. It's fine. Give it sun and keep moist.
    Photo 2…looks like sage..the ground in cracked. Is it really that dry. Water.
    photo 3. the radishes are cute little guys aren't they. You'll need to thin them soon, and you should harvest them when you can see a red bulb between dime and penny sized peeking thru the soil. If they are planted too deep, you'll have to dislodge the soil a bit around the base of the stem, but again, if they are dime to penny sized, they're ready to pick. You want to pull them before they sent up a flower or the radish will be 'pithy'…tough and woody and hot as blazes.
    photo 4. HUMMMMMMM…it looks like it's doing well, but I need to see more to identify. Maybe when it flowers.
    photo 5. Hydrenga. Great! They can be persnickity, so good job.

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