Round #1

A lot of these plants were purchased in the “clearance” section of Lowes. This one, name unknown, was small, but green when we got it. You can see how the right side of the plant is dying off even though there is some green on the left side.
Here’s what I need to know: Name of plant? What first aid is needed?

Name of Plant: Butterfly Blue Pincushion Flower
First Aid: The flowers die off after a few days. Do they need pruned?

Name of Plant: Lavender
First Aid: none needed as of yet. 🙂

Name of Plant: Roses, really old, family roses.
Transplanted about 5 times in the last 10 years.
First Aid: What is eating my frickin’ roses?!
(Every Spring, I load these puppies up with coffee grounds, coffee water, egg shells, etc. — There’s another rose that’s doing a lot better, but both roses are being eaten alive.)

One thought on “Round #1”

  1. Photo 1…no clue. some kind of ground cover. You might try a standard plant food.
    Photo 2.. Pin cushion…yes, snip off the flowers after they are spent. It won't hurt if you leave them on, but the plant will bloom more if you “head” them. So many nice things in life last such a sort time…
    Photo 3..Lavendar..looks great.
    Photo 4…Poor Rosy…Look for two things…aphids or red spider mites. A house & garden spay pest spray applied after watering (not before) will kill them buggies off with just a couple applications. It could be another kind of insect, but those are the two that are hardest to see and most fond of roses. I would look for aphids first. They are especially bad this year, and because you took out the peonies…they're going to be looking for a new host.

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