Round #3

Name of Plant: Some fern.
First Aid: HELP. It’s shrinking!!! It was a starter about the diameter of a dinner small dinner plate. It’s in the shade, but gets water several times a week. And about 4 hours of sun per day.

Name of Plant: Hens and Chicks (from Granny)
First Aid: none needed

Name of Plant: Some Herb (the name on my little packet was torn off)
First Aid: slow growing, but it seems okay.

Name of Plant: Some Herb. (unless the herb never took and this is just a weed)
First Aid: Depends on whether we’re talking “herb” or “weed”.

Name of Plant: Another Herb.
First Aid: Again, depends on what it is. Looks okay, though.

One thought on “Round #3”

  1. photo 1..ok, so now you've discovered why I don't grow ferns. touchy things!! It sounds like you've done all the right things. What is your soil like? They do prefer a soil rich in humus.
    Photo 2…hens…perfect.
    Photo 3…those are beginning leaves, the next set of leaves should positively identify the plant. From the package and what little I can see to translate, I would bet that it is plain leafed Parsley.
    Photo 4. (snicker)..looks like grass but don't pull it yet. How broad are the leaves? Are they slick like grass or kinda bumpy?
    Photo 5…Dunno

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