2010: A late start…

So, there was a 2009 garden, buuuut…well, I was kinda busy and couldn’t find my camera and then there was that job where I worked crazy hours and then there was the mosquito issue and then….

So, it’s 2010. And, though the pictures are late, I did a pretty decent job of getting things planted on time this year. It did help that I had Christi to get everything ready…the tilling, the expanding, the removal of rocks, coke tabs, and miscellaneous disconnected wires.

There are a bunch of pictures to post and I’m including the perennials I planted this year as well. The perennials line the bed behind the house and they replaced the pink peonies that were here when we bought the place in 2008.

We also added some perennials to the front garden bed which lines the porch. Removed a few bushes and replaced them with a prissy, li’l clematis. It’s a work in progress.

Anyway, the pictures I’m about to post were taken with my phone instead of a regular camera; so there may be some disorganization with things.

I didn’t label some things, or the tags that I did use went missing. And, I find I’m having other issues this year with new plants, more plants, and just … well, you’ll see.

Here goes.


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