End of Season post

Haha. Look how far we got with those “mad gardening skills”. Yea.

At the very least, I learned some things. And, relearned some things.
The squash got really out of control.
The yellow peppers never actually turned yellow.
The melon and gourds did not make it before the frost. (Plant earlier.)
The squirrels ravaged our tomato plants. (And I was worried we had too many. As a matter of fact, not one damn tomato made it into the kitchen. Of course, I did eat a few before going inside.)
The squirrels ravaged the sunflowers and other wildflowers.
“Yolanda”, the cilantro plant, made it twice as long as the one I had last year.
The carrots did alright. Pulled a bushel(?) yesterday. They look good, but they’re all vertically stunted. I think they need spread out more when itty bitty seedlings.

Things that rocked:
a homemade rainwater bucket
humongous zucchini
sun exposure at just the right times
permanent water hose with sprinkle things in it

Things that didn’t rock:
“organic” doesn’t always taste better
mosquitos LOVE squash
too much rain
not enough rain
too much wind
all animals not made of stone



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