Being grateful.

Today is Saturday, November 14th, 2015.

Yesterday ended up being a full-of-too-many-emotions kind of day. I’m so sad and angry for Paris. My head is still so full of thoughts and feelings I’m not ready to articulate.

Having a toddler is usually serves as a stop gap for parents who are trying to accomplish things on their To Do lists or maybe as an excuse to set things aside and just relax. If you’re a parent, or you’re around young kids, you know how it works. If they’re up, they become first priority whether you like it or not.

“Mom, you can deal with your emotions later. M’kay? Now how’s about some fruity loops?”

On most days, I find Lincoln’s non-stop banging of pots and pans, chasing after the dogs, yelling random nonsense throughout the house — well, I find it wine-worthy. Even at 10a.m. But today I am so, so thankful to have some other noise in my house to drown out the fear and anger and sadness rummaging through my brain.

Thanks kid. I love you too…I love you too.



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