Birthday #2 (OMG, I have a two-year old.)

We celebrated Lincoln’s 2nd birthday last month. No huge party or theme. There was a neighborhood festival going on the same day; so, we invited family and a few of Lincoln’s BFFs to either meet us there or back at our home for cake ‘n things.

My dad and step mum were able to come down this year, along with one of my sisters, and that was a nice treat. They were able to meet some of our Columbus “family” and see Lincoln. (One of the downsides of living far away from family is that it can be damn near impossible for them to come to you.)

I am resisting the urge for a play by play of Lincoln’s big day and also the urge to post all the favorite incremental pictures I’ve captured since the day he was born. Believe me, I want to.

But I am freaking tired. I don’t think I have to really explain why because it’s in the title, right? I have a two-year old.




The picture above is Lincoln at about two weeks old – taken at my Granny’s home. He’s with my crazy cousin, Holly. (She doesn’t usually wear multiple hats…literally, anyway, but perhaps figuratively; those were her kids’ hats. I believe the cowboy was about two years old at that time. )


The picture below is Lincoln at about two weeks past his 2nd birthday.

I just love this kid all the way through. Happy Birthday, Lincoln.



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