Lincoln’s 1st Vacation! Part II

Obviously, the Moon came to visit us while we were in PNW. This was from the Alki Pier over downtown. I probably took 50+ pictures of the downtown skyline and the moon. I tried every damn setting on my camera. None of them did justice. This is as good as I could get.
Another accidental park…Golden Gardens Park….a happenstance, after a trip to Ballard to meet the Fremont Troll.  (Troll to come later.) This brick building is an old bath house. Ship locks can be seen to the South. It was a pretty sight even with the fog and chilly weather.

Perhaps this should have been its own separate post. The Ferry!
Lincoln probably loved the ferry ride more than any other part of our trip. He was interested in every bolt, fence, pulley that he could get his hands on.

Last park, Ed Munro Seahurst, Burien… this was a kind of secret park we found on our last day while tooling around waiting for our overnight flight. Looks like a park just for the locals. This is the day Seattle had some mysterious fog rolling in. By the way, here’s a cool time lapse link for the “mystery fog.” 

And, the trip home!


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