Lincoln’s 1st Vacation! – Part I

I know, I know. I’m behind on posting pictures. Here are some pics from Lincoln’s first trip to Seattle. Now, if I can just remember the places…. This first pic is on arrival at SeaTac. 

I was just so grateful we survived Round 1 & 2 of “flying with a baby.” He did fine once we were in the air. In fact, he didn’t make a fuss again until we started over the last big elevation change. Woke up from a nap, pulling at his ears.

This was downtown. We got quite a workout from the steep streets. Every thing was up, up, up or down, down, down. Nothing in moderation. I’m glad we opted to not bring the stroller.

This was on our 2nd day. We made a visit to Tacoma and walked around their Point Defiance Park. It’s a pretty big park that includes a Zoo and Aquarium. (On our next visit, I think we may be able to make time for that.)

This is from an accidental drive through Capitol Hill. We found our way to Volunteer Park. They have an Asian Art Museum and a Conservatory, a rather large rhododendron collection. This park was so pretty…even with the children’s play area being next to an old cemetery.

Same park, Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle. I have several pictures from Lincoln on the swings here. They remind me of The Graveyard Book. (Can’t wait to read this story to Lincoln when he’s old enough!)

These are not from a park. These are from the vacation house we rented. (Cheaper, and homier than a hotel!!) Lincoln was playing “peek-a-boo” with nobody in the shower. 

And, then he was mad because he couldn’t squeeze his way behind the toilet for the Toilet Scrub Brush. 

We took a longer trip out of town later in the week towards the Cascades, a lower mountain range East-NorthEast of Seattle. They had a couple short trails and several longer hikes to see some pretty decent falls. Sadly, we only made it about 2 miles in before Lincoln just couldn’t handle it anymore. 

The leaves were HUGE!

Here are the great Small Falls, Wallace Falls State Park…. :]


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