Gardens and Gnomes

I’ve kept a separate blog since 2008 on my gardening trials and triumphs. (At times…more trial than anything else and, to be honest, not always regularly.) Like a lot of people, I get really frustrated with the process of such a commitment: constant attention, watering, weeding, pruning, etc. And I accept that that is how I work sometimes. But I’m going to keep at it. Maybe because I’m stubborn.

Now that we have a kid in the mix, I am trying to find ways to include Lincoln in the whole process. At not-quite-two, he’s not able to do much without making a mess, mixing up seeds, and lots of almost things (e.g. like almost watering the plant, but really watering his shoes or like putting the veggie markers almost next to the right plant) and that’s totally okay.

It’s part of the process. Getting dirty. Learning how things grow, learning that some things flourish and sometimes they die…it’s all part of it.

I am always looking for new ideas, tips, & tricks from others who love to garden, whether you’re an amateur like myself or have three green thumbs. I get a ton of ideas through Pinterest. Here’s a quick link to my Gardens and Gnomes board.

Now, My Garden Variety has been incorporated in the KeepingMyMarbles blog. Another part of my life right now…simplifying things just a little bit.

Hope you enjoy.



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