Breaking Cabin Fever!

There are no adequate words to describe my disdain for hot weather aka Summer, overcrowded public places, the stupid way people drive when the weather first turns in the Spring, etc, etc. With that said, I can’t remember having cabin fever like this since I was 16, licensed, and didn’t have a car. It appears having a toddler may have an effect on this.

When I get home from work, instead of changing clothes and flopping on the couch, I want to go outside. I want to go to the park. Let’s take the dogs! What about a bike ride? Let’s try that new trailer thing we got! (I even attempted the assembly on my own which is…unusual.)

Sometimes I win. Sometimes Christi does. (She already works outside all day. So, it’s not like she hasn’t already seen all these crazy people polluting the roads with their bad driving and general obnoxious people-y behavior.) This weekend, I won. We got the trailer together and the kid was impressed. He came around the corner from the family room, took one look at the trailer, and then proclaimed “woooaahhhh.” Then he saw a puppy dog tail and turned on his heel to promptly grab and pull said tail.

We took a couple short 1-2 mile walks around the neighborhood. I will say it felt kind of weird hauling our 24lb kid around in one of these Costco-sized “strollers.” I am sort of hoping I can train one of our Beagles to sit in as a passenger, but judging by how they reacted when I first dropped them both in, that may not fly for awhile.

Lincoln, Scout, and the new Jogging Trailer

When it wasn’t bright and sunny over the weekend, it was pouring cats and dogs. Saturday, we took advantage of the cruddy weather and tagged along with my guy friends, M+S, to help them do some appliance shopping. Seems like a really bad idea to take a kid shopping for something so boring, right? Well, as it turns out, no, it’s not a bad idea at all. Appliance stores are HUGE. And there are no shelves at a child’s eye level full of miscellaneous bins of junk they don’t need. No bins of candy. No shelves of easily rip-able paper books. Just miles and miles of giant, heavy duty appliances. There was just enough intrigue to pique his interest.

Lincoln was super busy being the “Notes Man.” He kept track of measurements while we went aisle to aisle playing with all the cool techy knobs and who-dad buttons.

Lincoln, keeping us all on schedule.

Maybe, possibly, I can convince Christi to go on a real hike in another month when the weather is more reasonable. In the meantime, I will just keep doing the “in training” hops around the neighborhood.


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