Food c-raves!

I have been trying, yet again, to get myself acclimated to a few healthier food options. Our household eats pretty healthy overall, but there is always room for improvement and I want to continue to encourage my favorite people to try new things. This means I have to suck it up and do the same every now and again.

Greek yogurt is one food that I’ve been working on personally. I know it’s a healthier option for snacks, mixing with fruit, using as a substitute for mayo and other fatty condiments, etc. And I’ve been Pinning the recipe ideas as I find them on Pinterest, I swear!

Last night I wanted egg salad and remembered seeing a Pin recently that suggested greek yogurt. So, I got my eggs ready and started putting everything together only to find that we were out of the Greek. Just “plain” in stock. What the heck – I tried a sample size (1 egg) with a spoon of plain yogurt. It wasn’t too bad…just a little runny.

Christi picked up some Greek yogurt today after work and I put the rest of my ingredients together. Here’s the result:



It was pretty dang good! I used about 3 Tb of yogurt which equates to approximately 4 grams of fat. If I had used mayo, it would have been about 15-20 grams. My math is a little if-y, but that seems pretty good.


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