Ode to the “Sick Day”

I’m taking a “sick day.” Again.

As is common this time of year, anyone who has come within spitting distance of a sticky toddler knows how frequent this is. Before having Lincoln, I loved to quip that kids were the dangerous, germ-laden monsters that kept the over-the-counter cough medicine industry in business for grown-ups. Now that I have Lincoln, I still say the same damn thing, but I would like to add ibuprofen, tylenol, and caffeine to that list.

We were all sick last week…all of last week. Actually, I am still nursing a pretty gnarly sinus infection. I lost a day of work last week, not for my own cold, but for Lincoln’s and for the 7 hours and 45 minutes of sleep that I did not get. Well, it seems we may have spread our germs on to the sitter and her brood. So, now we’re at home again today.

You’d think I might want to brag about all the cool crafty things we’re doing on this “free day” (like that crap I keep Pinning on Pinterest), the trip to COSI (the Columbus, OH kids’ museum), or maybe some cool concoction (it’s a Sea Monster!) we’ve whipped up in the kitchen to eat. Oh no! Stop right there. We are veg. Ing. I mean, c’mon. I was sick all of last week and managed to drag my butt to work through most of it. I’m tired. The kid is tired. Heck, even the dogs are tired.

Trapper and Keeper

Right now? It’s naptime-30 and I am enjoying the silence-sssss-ahhhh.


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