Winter, I’m so over you.

I am so over winter. I think everyone is.

Christi and I both have been extra whiney lately for two moms who don’t have all that much to whine about. Despite the miserable weather with it’s ridiculous temperature, dry air, and slushy-icy-yellowy-snowy mess, life is still pretty darn good.

We’ve managed to keep ourselves pretty busy. Well, I suppose it’s probably more the kid who has kept us busy…not necessarily our choice. (Frankly, I wouldn’t mind a mommy vacation consisting of unlimited naps, coffee, bathroom time, and my iPad. But I refuse to complain beyond that.)

I’ve been looking at a lot of Lincoln’s first baby pictures while setting up this new blog. And I am just awestruck by how much I love this face. He’s fantastic.

This week he has been plagued with a standard issue Winter’s cold, but it should pass soon. And every time he rubs his snotty face on my clothes or my hand or my face…I will try try try to picture this image instead.


Fifteen short days until it is Spring.


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