AIDS Walk 2013

The weather man said it was going to be in the 50s with lots o’ sun. So, here we are, freezing our butts off and it’s about 35 degrees (not including the wind chill off the river). Brr! At least we had sun for our first 5K (world’s shortest 5K ever actually, but that’s our secret). 🙂

We saw our friend Erika, too. Lincoln took a catnap while she helped with the baby-haulin’.

This is from the bus ride. Lincoln’s first trip on the COTA bus was relatively painless. Although, a note for next time, we may just suck it up and take the umbrella stroller. This fancy jogging stroller took up 5 seats in the handicap section up front. It felt like I had a giant sticker on my forehead that said “ass-hat.” Folks were nice though and offered to give us the space. And the ladies on the bus all thought that “she’s such a pretty lil’ thing.”


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