Round #5

Name of Plant: Clematis (purple)
First Aid: It’s doing okay. I’ve had a few blooms. Any suggestions for optimum blooms and growth would be good though.

Name of Plant: Forgot. 😦
First Aid: none needed

Name of Plant: Asparagus Fern (my second favorite)
First Aid: none needed…yet.

One thought on “Round #5”

  1. photo 1…Clematis…it looks good for a first year. Give it time. Might take 3 yrs or so before it looks like Grandmother Ballard's or a magazine spread.
    photo 2..ummmmm 'verigated something or other'. It looks ok also.
    photo 3. asperagus fern..Cool!! I also managed to kill those. They don't like feast or famine and I always under watered and then tried to make up for it and would end up over watering.

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