Meager Beginnings and the “Tween” Stage

These are our 6 big tomato plants and one cherry tomato plant. Nobody really needs 6 regular-sized tomato plants, but our neighbor Bill gave us a sob story about how Anna refuses to plant them as she hates them and, unfortunately, he loves them. Notice from the earlier picture that they’re all the way in the back so he has easy access to sneak one on whatever occasion.

The plants on the left are green and yellow peppers. The two on the right are both broccoli. I’ve never grown broccoli. Both plants have baby peppers and broccoli started and they’re adorable. Close-ups next week…maybe.

The plants on the left are zucchini and yellow squash. On the right are Lavender (in the back) and something I have suddenly forgotten.

Sorry for the thumb in the lens. These are all flowers and I’ve forgotten the one on the left and right. The two in the middle are some form of lily and the flowers are very pretty.

This is my favorite herb…cilantro. Yummmm. I named her Yolanda after our beloved Fiesta Mexicana queen.



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