update on veggies

So, we’ve definitely been taking our time with getting the rest of the herbs, flowers, and veggies in the ground. However, things are at least moving in the seed-meets-dirt direction and I’m proud to say that another section is complete. The brick path is about 50% finished and most of what is left is seeds, seeds, and more seeds.

In addition to what was planted a week ago, we have the following from tonight’s labor.

Big Boy tomatoes (6) …and that was unintentional. I thought it was just one plant.
Grape tomatoes (1)
broccoli (2)
yellow squash (1)
zuchini (1)
green peppers (1)
yellow peppers (1)
lavendar (seeds) …these may not do so well, since they were supposed to be slowly brought outside and in the ground. But, oh well.

My goal for this weekend is to finish the bricks and plant the seed veggies:

radishes, onions, watermelon, funny-shaped gourds, carrots (yuck…these are for Summer), and lots and lots of green beans. Once we have that done, we may plant a few more things if there’s room.

I forgot to take pictures yet again, but at least the camera has now been charged and is ready on standby.

Oh, and the wildflowers and that were already planted are doing some yummy sprouuuuting.



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